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National Peace Council of Sri Lanka

  • The National peace Council of Sri Lanka (NPC) is a secular and politically non partisan organisation. Their mission is to facilitate a fundamental political restructuring of the state and society in which is enshrined autonomy, interdependance, equality and dignity of all the ethnic communities.
  • NARD
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  • NARD is a research and information centre on disability in both Lebanon and the Arab world. Its objectives are to defend the rights of disabled people, to publish information on disability and to organise seminars, conferences and training seesions on the subject.
  • The National Autistic Society

  • The lives of more that 115 000 families in the UK are touched by autism and in its 33 year history NAS has helped thousands of families to overcome the isolating effect of autism.
  • National Homeless Alliance

  • National Homeless Alliance (Formerly CHAR- Housing Campaign for Single People) is the membership organisation for those providing services to homeless people. We provide information, advice and training, develop networks, undertake research, broker resources and lobby for change. We have over 1000 members.
  • Natural Resources Institute

  • The Natural Resources Institute provides research and training services to promote efficient management and use of renewable natural resources in support of sustainable livelihoods.
  • Nature's World

  • Nature's World (Formerly CHAR- Housing Campaign for Single People) is a charitable company set up to develop an innovative environmental demonstration centre and educational centre for sustainable living.

  • NDIMA is a Pan-African NGO striving to promote human rights and freedom of expression. It was founded by creative writers, journalists, lawyers and human rights activists in August 1993 in Harare, Zimbabwe.
  • Nederlands Instituut voor Zuidelijk Afrika
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  • Nederlands Instituut voor Zuidelijk Afrika (NIZA) is an independent institute which contributes to an information provision and to the forming of opinion about the region of Southern Africa.
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  • NEFEJ , established in June 1986, is a forum of environmental journalists and experts engaged in environmental education and communication by adopting a multimedia approach.
  • NepalNet

  • NepalNet is a Website that provides access to information about Nepal, in addition to serving as an electronic space where Nepalis and friends of Nepal can come together and voice their opinions on various topics.

  • Network for Water and Sanitation International (NETWAS), was established over a decade ago (1986) as part of the International Training Network for Water and Waste Management (ITN). NETWAS is a founder member of the ITN Africa Network and is actively involved in the water and sanitation sector development activities in Africa.
  • New Internationalist

  • The New Internationalist (NI) magazine exists to report on the issues of inequality and world poverty and to bring to life the people, ideas and action in the fight for world justice.
  • Det Nøvendinge Seminarium

  • Det Nøvendinge Seminarium (The Necessary Teacher Training College) provides international alternative teacher training - necessary because the world needs extaordinary input from its teachers to solve the tasks ahead.
  • No Kidding Productions

  • No Kidding Productions is an independent production company committed to producing documentaries addressing issues of social justice and societal change.
  • NorthNet Foundation

  • NorthNet Foundation works to solve environmental and public health issues by increasing capability for decision-making and self-reliance within the Northern Thai rural community.
  • The Norwegian Council for Africa

  • TheNorwegian Council for Africa is a Norwegian NGO working for justice, democratic development and respect for human rights in Africa - formerly the Norwegian anti-apartheid movement.
  • Norwegian People's Aid

  • Norwegian People's Aid (NPA) is one of Norway's largest non-governmental organisations. Based upon the principles of solidarity, unity, human dignity, peace and freedom, NPA is involved in more than 300 projects in 30 countries.
  • The Ockenden Venture

  • The Ockenden Venture aims to promote self-reliance for refugee and displaced communities through sustainable programmes based on education and training.
  • Ovation Development Consultancy Services

  • Ovation Development Consultancy Services is a social and environmental development consulting firm based in Bombay, India.
  • ODC - Overseas Development Council

  • The Overseas Development Council (ODC) is an independent, international policy research institution that seeks to improve decision making on multilateral cooperation in order to promote more effective development.
  • ODI - Overseas Development Institute

  • The Overseas Development Institute is an independent non-governmental centre for development research and a forum for discussion of the problems facing developing countries.
  • The Ombudsman Project

  • The Ombudsman Project is a UK NGO initiative, aimed at improving accountability to beneficiaries of Humanitarian Assistance. The site includes an important survey for Southern NGOs and beneficiaries.
  • One World Action

  • One World Action works in Europe and with partner organisations in poor countries to defeat poverty and to promote democracy and respect for human rights. Through such partnerships for change, we are working for a just and equal world.
  • Open University

  • The Open University has been teaching inter-disciplinary, undergraduate courses on development studies since 1983, and regularly publishes research reports from the Development Policy and Practice Research Group.
  • Out There News

  • Interactive documentaries on global news stories for active information-seekers.
    Answering the question:
    "What is this issue really about?"
  • OWBT - One World Broadcasting Trust

  • The One World Broadcasting Trust (OWBT) was established as an independent UK charity in March 1987.

  • Oxfam is a development and relief agency working to put an end to poverty world-wide. Oxfam believes that poverty is not inevitable: it can be tackled, and must be ended. In partnership with local groups, Oxfam works with poor people to help them help themselves.
  • OXFAM International

  • Oxfam International is a worldwide partnership of Oxfams working for change and development.
  • Oxford Human Resource Consultants

  • Oxford Human Resource Consultants are international recruitment consultants specialising in the development aid, emergency relief, environmental conservation and ethical business sectors.
    Pacific Island News Association
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  • Pacific Islands News Association (PINA) promotes freedom of information and expression and journalism standards throughout the vast Pacific Islands region.
  • Pakistan Press Foundation

  • ThePakistan Press Foundation is a non-profit media research, documentation and training centre. It is also actively involved in promoting press freedom in Pakistan and internationally. PPF also produces feature services for Urdu and Sindhi language newspapers which focus on social, cultural, economic and environmental issues.

  • ThePanos London website is a source of news, opinions and perspectives from developing countries. It provides information on a wide range of environmental and social development topics including briefings and features on HIV/AIDS, new information technologies, gender and reproductive health, environment.
  • Peace Child International

  • Peace Child International empowers children to take responsibility for peace, human rights and the environment through education, leadership development and direct participation in the events that shape our world community.
  • Peacequest

  • Peacequest is a joint Israeli-Palestinian conflict resolution centre committed to pursuing and supporting an equitable and just resolution to the Israel-Palestine conflict.
  • People & Planet

  • People & Planet (formerly Third World First) is THE national UK student organisation campaigning on world poverty, human rights and the environment.
  • People & the Planet

  • People & the Planet is jointly sponsored by the UNDP, the WCU, the WWF and the IPPF. All are united in the belief that people, their consumption, their technologies and their numbers, interact with the environment of our planet in ways which need to be explored.
  • Pestalozzi International Development Education Centre

  • The Pestalozzi International Development Education Centre is a unique development education centre with a southern/environmental perspective provided by 50+ students from countries throughout Africa and Asia.
  • Philippine Rural Reconstruction Movement

  • The Philippine Rural Reconstruction Movement is an NGO whose ongoing projects include sustainable area development, community building, and habitat protection and management.
  • Physicians and Scientists Against Genetically Engineered Food

  • The Physicians and Scientists Against Genetically Engineered Food (PSAGEF) are a global network campaigning for a moratorium on the release of genetically engineered organisms and the use of genetically Engineered Food.
  • Positive News

  • Positive News with Planetary Connections is a news paper dedicated to reporting positive and creative news from around the world. On our web page you will find news stories and information about the paper and its activities.
  • The Prince of Wales Business Leaders Forum

  • The Prince of Wales Business Leaders Forum is a UK-based independent, non-politically aligned international charity which works in partnership with business leaders to promote and develop the business case for sustainable development and good corporate citizenship.
  • Project Underground

  • Project Underground supports communities affected by the oil, mining and gas industries through proactive corporate campaigns and education.
  • Radio Against Aids

    (Coming soon)

  • PST undertakes policy-relevant research on the effects of psychosocial trauma related to political violence at the level of survivors, caregivers and communities.
  • Radio B92

  • Radio B92 seeks to promote professional news reporting in circumstances of totalitarian rule.

  • RECEPAC (Network Against Extreme Poverty) is a non-governmental, non-profit network comprised of Mexican social organisations and support groups oriented towards establishing grassroots economic relationships between indigenous and peasant communities in order to build a popular economy based on people to people solidarity.
  • RedR - Engineers for Disaster Relief

  • RedR relieves suffering in disasters by selecting, training and providing competent relief personnel to humanitarian aid agencies world-wide.

  • REDID is a non-profit organisation devoted to the exchange of information relevant for sustainable development in the Dominican Republic.
  • Rehydration Project

  • Rehydration Project is an international development group that works within the health framework of developing countries to help promote, produce and provide Oral Rehydration Salts.
  • Reporters sans Frontières

  • Reporters sans Frontières (RSF) is an NGO advocating the freedom of press worldwide. It publishes an annual report as well as a monthly barometer, and country profiles. It regularly denounces violations against the freedom of the media, including censorship, abusive imprisonments, and intimidations against journalists.
  • Resurgence

  • Resurgence Magazine. The international forum of radical thought on environmental and social issues - ecology, human scale education, sacred art, economics of wellbeing and holistic philosophy infused with spirituality and creativity.
  • The Rory Peck Trust

  • The aim of The Rory Peck Trust is to assist those dependents of freelance cameramen and women who are killed whilst working on assignment.
  • Rural Race Equality Project

  • The Rural Race Equality Project (NACAB West) aims to develop services for Black and Minority Ethnic people in the South West and to challenge all forms of racism and promote racial diversity.
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